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CT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber

CT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber
CT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Auto Scrubber CT46B50
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CT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto ScrubberCT46B50 IPC Eagle 20" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber
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Product Description


CT46B50 IPC Eagle, 20" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber package. 


The CT46B50 Automatic Scrubber Includes:
On Board Charger, 12Volt Batteries Pack, Pad Driver or Brush, Squeegee Assembly, Owner's Guide.
3-Year Warranty on Parts & Paid Labor.


  • Productivity 18,836 sq.ft/hr
  • Tank capacity: 11/12 gallons
  • Scrubbing width 20"
  • Squeegee width 28"
  • Battery Operated
  • Exclusive V-Squeegee
  • Maintenance Yellow Touch Point
  • Removable Recovery Tank
  • ECO Select Mode


The CT46B50 IPC Eagle offer an innovative design that ensures maximum productivity in a compact scrubber. Their uniquely designed handles are easy to use and allow the machines to be highly maneuverable while their ergonomic designs allow the operator to adjust the height accordingly. 


  • Scrub and Dry floors in one pass.
  • 20" Scrubbing width, Disk Deck
  • 28" Professional "V" Shape Squeegee
  • 11 Gallon Solution Tank Capacity
  • 12 Gallon Recovery Tank Capacity
  • 155 RPM Brush Speed
  • 2.2 mph max speed
  • 550 Watt 3-Stage Vacuum Motor
  • 55 Lbs Maximum Brush Pressure
  • Removable Recovery Tank
  • 24 Volt Power System
  • 3.0 Hours Running Time
  • Brush replacement without tools
  • Squeegee blades can be used on four sides before needing replacements
  • Easy access to internal compartments
  • Brush head and squeegee system designed to absorb hard impact 
  • Tanks and surrounding body in high density polyethylene
  • Oil bath reduction gear box
  • Panel controls switches protected against water and humidity 

The CT46B50 Automatic Scrubber has the highest drying performance with a three-stage motor and HD squeegee. Its compact design, adjustable handle and long-lasting battery make the CT46B50 the perfect scrubbing machine to work in narrow spaces with high productivity.

High Productivity 

The CT46B50 is a Walk Behind Auto Scrubber Dryer that combines a compact design with the power of performance.  It guarantees perfect drying thanks to the professional squeegee, making cleaning simple and fast. Cleaning professionals such as contract cleaners will have a powerful, productive and easy to use machine.

The best of IPC Gansow’s know-how and manufacturing quality. Despite its size it delivers high productivity thanks to a series of impressive technical and technological solutions. The generous battery compartment, for example, can house batteries of up to 145 Ahr, giving an operating autonomy of over 3.5 hours on a single charge.

The tanks are surprisingly large for a machine of this size too. Despite the CT45B60’s compact overall dimensions, the cleaning solution tank can hold up to 11-gallon while the dirty water tank can hold up to 12-Gallon. This obviously means fewer emptying and refilling stoppages.

The brush control lever also operates a solenoid valve that regulates the flow of detergent. Detergent delivery stops when the machine comes to a halt, thus avoiding needless waste. The brush drive also incorporates a soft start system to ensure smooth engagement

High Performance

The CT46B50 delivers amazing performance for its size thanks to advanced technical solutions developed with continuous improvement in mind. The CT46B50 is equipped with two exclusive new systems. ECO Select mode and UDC Ultimate Draining Combo

Ergonomics and Maneuverability 

IPC Eagle's research covers all aspects of cleaning, especially the working conditions of operators. The CT46B50 is equipped with a uniquely designed adjustable multi-position handle, allows the handlebar to be adjusted on the move, provide comfort to the operator even in narrow areas and maximum maneuverability. A rounded front ensures excellent visibility.

Operation is particularly easy thanks to a simple but complete control panel incorporating the squeegee control lever and colored LEDs that display the battery charge level. 

Low Maintenance Costs

The CT46B50 is designed for maximum efficiency with minimum hassle. All components are easily accessible; brushes can be changes without the use of tools, and squeegee blades can be rotated to four positions before they require replacement. All parts subject to knocks are made from highly impact resistant materials or are suitably protected and waterproofed.






The Ultimate Draining Combo ensures high drying performances on all surfaces thanks to the perfect technological mix between standard Three-Stage Suction Motor, V squeegee assembly and a combination of blades in varied materials


  • Long lasting drying effectiveness 

  • Use on different floor types

  • Longer life of consumables squeegee blades 


Eco Select permits to decrease energy consumption and increase running time of up to 20% in every day cleaning operations. Noise levels are lower than 62 dB(A) allowing cleaning operations even in areas where silence is required. Programmed maintenance is longer with consequent cost reduction.


  • Brush motor consumption reduced by 20%

  • Suction motor consumption reduced by 20%

  • Reduced water consumption 

  • Reduced brush wear

  • Reduced carbon brush consumption on motors

  • Reduced noise level to 62 dB(A)

  • Operating system choice 


  • The brush pressure with self-leveling and self-adjusting head, allows a perfect fit between the brush and floor.

  • System available as mechanical or electronic according to machine models. 


The adjustable multi-position handle on CT46B50 allows many applications with maximum comfort to the operator, even in narrow areas. 

Design & Components:

Patented Transport Wheel
CT46B50 Roller is equipped with a patented standard transport/parking wheel system to make use and storage easy. In parking position brushes and blades are not stressed by machine weight.

Anti-Splash Brushes
New APC brushes need less water during cleaning operations and prevent from water leakage on floor. Wear indicator for an easy and intuitive brush replacement.

Great Comfort and Maneuverability
Standard Integrated Charger with DBLTM system
Adjustable handle in different positions

Technical Data: CT46B50
Max theoretical productivity: 18,836 sq. ft./Hr.
Cleaning Path: 20"
Squeegee width: 28"
Water Tank Capacity: 11/12 Gal
Max Running Time: 3.0 Hr
Voltage: 24 V
Installed Power: 550W
Max Speed: 2.2 MPH
Brush Pressure: 35 ~ 44 Lbs
Weight: 243 Lbs
Dimensions: 33" x 22" x 48"


SPECIFICATIONS                                                         CT46B50

Productivity (max speed) 

18,837 ft2/h

Scrubbing Width 


Solution Running Time 

50 mins.

Recovery Tank Capacity

11/12 Gallons

Battery Capacity (C5)

24 (2x12)V

Battery Charger on Board 24-15 V-A
Max Running Time 180 min
Brush Pressure 35-55 lbs

Vacuum Power

550 W

Squeegee/ Width


Squeegee Shape


Eco Program


Chemical Dosing (opt) YES
Battery Life DBL Double Battery Life
Handle 180° foldable

Click On-Off



265 lbs

Dimensions (LxWxH)

33" x 23" x 48" 

Empty-refilling drain hose/ tank removing
Max Speed 2.17 m/h
Yellow Touch Point Easy Check



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