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S&Y TRADING CORP. have been awarded GSA Federal Supply Schedule MAS-Contract on April 1, 2003.
Schedule Number 073, FSC Group 79 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies.  GSA Contract Number GS-07F-0426N Expiration Date March 31, 2023. 
GSA Government prices are FOB Destination Free Shipping (no delivery charge) and are Tax exampt.
Registration: We are regsistred in SAM and WAWF vendor. 

Click on the Category links below to view our GSA catalog on GsaAdvantage.gov web site.

Category SIN Description
375 100 Vacuum Cleaner Canister Type - Including Dry Pickup, Wet/Dry Pickup, Industrial - Hazardous Material Pickup (Mercury/Asbestos), and Hospital Usage
375 103 Vacuum Cleaner Upright Type - including small and large commercial, and household
375 117 Carpet Cleaner Extractor, including Shampooer, Extractor, Spots cleaning machines, Liquid or Powder
375 125 Sweeper and Scrubber - Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers
375 129 Floor Machine - Scrubber, Striper, Polisher, Burnisher and Buffer
375 135 Accessories and Attachments
375 200 Mops, Buckets, Wringers, Squeegees, Brooms, Brushes, Pads, Wiping Rags, Cleaning Cloths, Polishing Pads, Cleaning Products, and Related Items
375 321 Powdered and Liquid Machine Warewashing (Dishwashing) Compounds and Rinse Additives
375 323 Laundry Cleaner, Powdered and Liquid, and Dry Cleaning Chemicals
375 341 Floor and Carpet Chemical Products
375 363 Cleaners/Degreasers - (Water and/or Solvent Based Detergent)
375 364 Cleaner/Degreasers and Polishes - (I,I,I Trichloroethane CFC Replacement for Industrial/Electrical Applications)
375 391 Auto Cleaners / Polishers, Air Fresheners and Windshield Care.
375 393 Tire Care, Wheel Dressings, Tire Cleaners / Protectants, Tire Sealants, Road Hazard Kits

We Offer Floor Cleaning Machines and Maintenance Equipment from Leading Manufacturers in the industry:
ELECTROLUX- Vacuum Cleaners.
- Vacuum Cleaners: Commercial type and Household vacuum cleaners.
NaceCare- Walk Behind Auto Scrubbers, Carpet Extractors, Sweepers and Industrial Cleaning Equipment
General FloorCraft- Floor Machine, Burnishers, Commercial Vacuums and Industrial Wet/Dry Vacs
IPC Eagle- Automatic Scrubbers, Ride-on Scrubbers, Sweepers and Industrial Cleaning Equipment.
Koblenz- Floor Machines, Buffers, Strippers, Scrubbers and Vacuum Cleaners.
ATHEA Laboratories- Cleaners and Degreasers, Cleaning Chemicals, Floor Cleaning and Polishing.
Reliable Corporation- Steam Vapour Cleaning Machines Commercial Grade.
FALCON Pro Solutions-Vapour Deep Cleaning
Steam Cleaning Technology, Industrial, HEAVY-DUTY and Commercial Cleaning Equipment.

Contract No.: GS-07F-0426N
Schedule: 073 Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Contract Date: April 1, 2003 To March 31, 2023
Tax ID (TIN): 550798902
DUNS No.: 12-154-0723
CAGE Code: 3CWJ1
Socio Economic: Small Business, Woman Owned Business
Registration: SAM and WAWF
We accept the Government IMPAC Credit Card.

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Suite #229C
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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At the site, please insert in the Search/Browse window our GSA Contract number GS-07F-0426N and Click Go!. All our products will be available to you including descriptive information, pictures and quantity discount.

To receive our complete Federal Supply Schedule Price List and catalogue please call (800) 309-3393 or send us e-mail to

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