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About Us

Welcome to Our Site and Thank You for Considering Our Products and Services.

When we incorporated in 2002 we decided to name our company S&Y Trading Corp. the S&Y standing for the first letters of our names, Sigalit and Yohanan. 
From the very beginning, we knew that in order to be successful we would have to work hard to stand out from the rest of the pack. A strategic decision was made: to sell reliable and innovative products at competitive prices, not compromise on quality, and offer products only from reputable and industry-leading manufacturers that are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Our professional and knowledgeable sales team combined with our superior after-sale service will be the added value that consumers are looking for.

Our reputation and integrity are highly kept, after all our names are on the line and we will do everything in our power to keep our promise to our customers.

Government Customers: 
One of our biggest customers is the US Government, On April 1, 2003 our company was awarded a GSA Federal Supply Schedule MAS-Contract, GSA Contract Number GS-07F-0426N. Schedule Number 073, FSC Group 79 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies. On July 14, 2022 S&Y TRADING CORP. have been awarded new GSA Federal Supply Schedule MAS-Contracts, GSA Contract 47QSWA22D0070 MAS Schedule: Facilities - Facilities Supplies and Industrial Products..

Since 2003, our company has supplied hundreds of thousands of products to our Government Customers from all branches of the Federal Government.  We conduct business daily with numerous departments, agencies, and sub-agencies in the Federal Government which includes Civilian agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD). In addition, our company was awarded numerous BPA (Blanket Purchase Agreement) under our GSA Contract GS-07F-0426N supplying a variety of cleaning equipment to our government customers.

A partial list of our Government Customers:

GSA      United States Army      United States Marines Corps      United States Navy      United States Air Force      United States Coast Guard      US Department of Veterans Affairs      NPS, National Park Services      US Department of States     IHS, Indian Health Services...

Business to Business:
We also provide equipment to the private sector as well, to maintenance and cleaning services, building contractors, grocery supermarkets, stores, hotels, motels, restaurants, places of worship, and homeowners. 

Industry Recognitions:
Throughout the years our company has received numerous recognitions and excellent evaluation reports from the US Government as well as from manufacturers.



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Top-of-The Line Products: 
Our company specializes in High-Quality Floor Cleaning Equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry today. Many of these products are recognized as Green Products and are LEED and CRI approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute. We sell only brand-new products, not refurbished or factory serviced, and we do not sell any gray products or aftermarket equipment. All of our products carry the original Manufacturer Warranty which covers both Parts and Paid Labor.

Products line:
Vacuum Cleaners Commercial Grade, Wet/Dry Vacuums, Industrial Vacuums, Carpet Cleaning Extractors, Floor Machines, Floor Burnishers, Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber, Vacuum Sweepers, Ride-on Scrubbers, Rider Sweepers, Disinfection Machines, Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning Equipment, Janitor Carts, Chemicals, and a variety of accessories.

Sanitaire, IPC Eagle, NaceCare, General Floorcraft, E-Falcon Pro Solution, Reliable Corporation, Koblenz, Tacony Powr-Flite, GuardAir, EDIC, VapAmore, and Athea Lab Chemicals.  

Customer Service:
Customer Service is the Top-Priority in our company and we do everything in our power to ensure the customer’s full satisfaction, we are here to assist with any after-sale assistance and support that may be needed.

Once again, thank you for visiting our site and considering our products and services.

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