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Outdoors Vacuum Sweepers Walk Behind

IPC Eagle

The IPC Eagle 28" Vacuum Sweepers with TRACTION Drive (self-propelled) represent a revolution in the vacuum sweeping of carpets and hard surface floors. Productivity 27,117 sq.ft./hr, 13 Gallon hopper capacity, Self Cleaning Filter System. With their built-in on-board battery charger, large debris litter gates, and battery run times of up to 4 hours, they bring a new level of pro
Price: $4,161.00

IPC Eagle

36" Walk behind Vacuum Sweeper, Battery Powered, Traction Drive (self-propelled) Cleans and edges up to 48,440 sq. ft./hour, So quiet it can be used anytime, Includes built-in on-board battery charger. Picks up large debris without worries from paper clips and other damaging materials, Equipped with Side Brush/Broom and Main Brush.
Price: $6,009.00
Sanitaire Sale
SC6095A Commercial
Sanitaire 9 Gallon Self Contained Carpet Cleaner Extractor .

Sale: $1,975.00 Finance AS LOW AS $54.00 / mo
NaceCare Sale
TT 1117 NaceCare
17" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber
Electric Powered
GSA Sale: $2705.85
Best Buy
TK464E Vacuum Sweeper 24" Multi-Surface SmartVac, Includes Charger and Battery
Sale: $2,479.00 Finance as Low as $68 / month




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