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Tandem Pro 2000CV

Tandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CV
EnviroMate FLEX EF700 EF700
Tandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CVTandem Pro 2000CV
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Product Description

Tandem Pro 2000CV Steam Cleaning Machine with Wet and Dry Vacuum, Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect.

Steam Cleaning is a proven method of disinfecting. The Reliable Tandem Pro 2000CV have been certified to kill microorganisms (see table below).








Steam treatment is a recommended method for eliminating Bed Bugs. In fact, steam kills all stages of bed bugs without the use of chemicals. Sleeping on a surface that has been soaked in chemicals is not only unpleasant smelling but poses potential health hazards. Successful treatment depends on an Integrated Pest Management approach to bed bug control. This involves steaming and vacuuming, laundering belongings, and sealing areas and gaps where bed bugs can hide.
“…Steam kills all stages of bed bugs.” –CITY OF TORONTO, PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT



The Tandem Pro 2000CV is a complete multi-use commercial cleaning unit. It functions as a steam cleaner and steam extractor as well as a wet/dry vacuum. The 87 PSI (6-bar) steam pressure and an accessory kit that is second to none make the Tandem Pro 2000CV an ideal chemical-free alternative for cleaning, sanitizing all surfaces encountered in commercial cleaning settings.


  • 25 piece deluxe accessory kit

  • 2L Detergent tank

  • Made in Italy

  • Powerful 87 PSI Operating Pressure

  • 5 Minute heat up time

  • Adjustable Heat up time

  • Adjustable Pressure Control

  • 5L Waste Water Capacity

  • 9' Steam Vacuum hose

  • Light and Sound when water level is low




Why Steam & Vacuum?

Steam deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture. Steam in conjunction with the vacuum function allows the FLEX to reduce time associated with steaming alone and waste materials like paper towels and cleaning cloths. The FLEX implements leading edge technology and accessories designed for cleaning professionals. In addition, the option of using a non-toxic degreasing detergent makes this a commercial cleaning dream machine.




CSS Technology
With CSS you will never run out of steam in the middle of cleaning again. Simply refill the water tank when the water level is low and away you go.

Control Panel Guidance
Easy to understand machine status panel. Light and sound indication for steam, water and detergent status. Easy to locate on/off switch and separate detergent activation switch.

Fabric Care
Fabric covered furniture and cubicle walls are cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Vacuum suction pulls moisture and residual dirt remaining after steam cleaning leaving a clean and virtually dry surface in minutes. Public sitting area cleaning-dream!

6 Bar Pressure
Our 6-bar (87 psi) operating pressure ensures outstanding professional results. 

CSS Technology 
With CSS you will never run out of steam in the middle of cleaning again. simply refill the water tank when the water level is low and away you go. 

prevents scale built-up in the machine, and makes water softer leaving no residue on cleaned surfaces. 

Kills Germs
Independently lab tested and proven to kill a wode range of bacteria and fungi of significant concern, such as e-coli and salmonella. 




25-Piece Accessory Kit
Made in Italy, the best steam cleaning methods include the use of superior quality accessories. Everything the pros need to get started is included. Just add water!

5-Year Limited Warranty
The stainless steel AISI 304 steam tank is covered by a 5 year limited warranty. Stailess steel heavy-duty outer casing.

Non-Skid Easy Lock Wheel System
Ideal for medical settings. Safe for operator and protects floors. Ideal for medical settings.

Wet/Dry Vacuum
Simple connection for vacuum function. Easy to remove portable soiled steam residue collection tank makes after job clean-up a breeze. Tank also acts as a wet/dry hepa filter vacuum system without steam when machine is in vacuum only mode.




Adjustable Pressure Control
Some cleaning tasks will require more steam some will need less depending upon the surface and the degree to which they require cleaning. Easy to read pressure gauge.

Additional Steam-Only Kit Option
Take your steam cleaning to the next level with an additional optional steam only accessory kit.

Sani-Steam Option
Multi-position optional steam mop packs a powerful punch on floors, walls and even ceilings. Edge can be angled for trim and baseboard crevice sanitizing.

Hand Trolley

Easy to maneuver trolley comes complete with heavy duty bins to carry accessories.




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Electrical: 110V/120V
Water Capacity: 7L
Operating Pressure: 87 PSI-6 Bar
Wattage: 1700W- 2 Elements
Boiler Temperature: 302F- 329F
TIP Temperature: 245F - 118C
Tank construction: Stainless Steel 18/10
Length of Electrical Cord: 16.3'- 5m
Length of Steam Hose: 9.8'- 3m
Net Weight: 63 Lb
Shipping Weight: 88 Lb
Product Dimensions: 32" x 20" x 40"
Country of Origin: Italy
Warranty: 5 Year Tank & Shell

Reliable Proven Disinfection


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