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HT 1800 Heater

HT 1800 HeaterHT 1800 HeaterHT 1800 HeaterHT 1800 Heater
HT 1800 NaceCare Water Heater for Carpet Extractors 164
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HT 1800 HeaterHT 1800 HeaterHT 1800 HeaterHT 1800 Heater
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Product Description

HT 1800 NaceCare Water Heater for Carpet Extractors.

Add HEATER to your NaceCare carpet cleaning machine.

Heated Deep Cleaning:
Water heats up quickly for fast removal of dirt and grime.





• Optional heater can be used on TP8X, TP18SX TP18DX, AV12, and AV18 models
• Conveniently mounts to the rear of the machine
• Comes with a hi-limit thermostat for safety
• Water can pre-heated followed up by in line heating
• Temperature increase on in-line heating is directly proportional to the flow rate (gpm ) so a reduction in water flow will augment a greater increase in temperature (see specs for details )


This heater must be used on a different power supply to the carpet extractor. Using the same power supply will cause the circuit breaker to trip if used on the same power supply (For 15A and 20A services). If 2 outlets are not available, follow the steps indicated at HT1800 Owners Manual.

Provided with the heater you find the following parts, necessary to fix the heater on a NaceCare Carpet Cleaning machines:
• 2 metal brackets, to mount the heater on the machines with model# TP8X, TP12QX, and TP18SX/DX.
• 1 metal bracket, to mount the heater on the machines with model AV12QX, and AV18AX.
• 2 6mm lock nuts, to mount the metal brackets to the heater.
• 4 screws (M4 x 20mm), used to mount the brackets to the control panel of the machine.

The heater is also provided with a solution hose capable of using water at high temperatures. This
hose can be used to re-circulate hot water into the solution tank, or it can be used to replace the
solution hose of the machine if it is not able to withstand hot water. 


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SPECIFICATIONS                                                    HT1800


1,8000 W


120V 50-60 Hz

Power Cord



4.3" x 6.3" x 13.3"


14 lbs.


160° F Max


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