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DP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner Scrubber

DP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner Scrubber
DP 420 NaceCare Duplex Carpet Washer 452
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DP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner ScrubberDP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner Scrubber
DP 420 NaceCare Duplex 14" Multi Surface Cleaner Scrubber
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Product Description


DP 420 NaceCare, Duplex Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine.


From wall to wall and into the tightest corners, the Duplex Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine ccan be used in restoration or as an integral part of your daily maintenance program. Clean virtually any floor surface as carpet, grouted ceramic, rubberized floors and even escalators are no obstacle for the Duplex.


  • Bi-directionality: its innovative design and maneuverability allow the user to reverse the Duplex 's direction simply by inverting its handle. This "about face" function is very quick, and makes it incredibly easy to clean from right to left/forwards and backwards and vice-versa - especially in restricted spaces.
  • Prewash function: Duplex products have the option of disabling detergent solution recovery for prewashing, a huge benefit when cleaning very dirty floors.
  • Brush pressure adjustment: the brush pressure can be adjusted for better cleaning results.
  • Total cleaning of even the most challenging areas of the floor: the Duplex cleans under furniture, along the wainscoting and in hard to reach corners.



  • Can clean virtually any floor surface
  • Very effective on grouted tile and rubberized floors
  • Also cleans carpets, hardwood, profiled ceramics
  • If the floor is uneven use the Duplex
  • Remarkable performance resulting from unique 800,000 bristle brushes counter-rotating at 780 rpm, actively lifting dirt, water and grime from the floor surface, replacing mops, buckets, scrubbers and wet vacuums  
  • 2 counter-rotating brushes that scrub the surface with aggressive action
  • Twin conveyors lift the dirt-filled solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank or you can choose to double scrub the area picking up the water later
  • Simply fill the solution tanks and squeeze the trigger to feed cleaning solution onto twin counter- rotating brushes
  • Brushes and drive unit are offset, so the brushes work right up to the edge of the machine and into difficult corners
  • Brush options include 2 grades of black brushes for regular or aggressive scrubbing , grey is the standard all purpose brush and yellow is for sensitive carpet areas
  • Excellent as a replacement for bonnet cleaning or interim cleaning
  • Our industries best restoration machine when used in conjunction with hot water extraction

duPLEX 14" multi- surface cleaning


The mid range sized  Duplex 420 Floor Cleaning Machine is the most popular of the versatile Duplex range.


With it’s twin contra-rotating brushes this machine gives powerful cleaning results on all floor types including carpets, safety flooring, wood, tiles, marble, vinyl, carpet tiles, Tarkett, Altro, Marley, Flotex, Polysafe, Timbersafe, non-slip floors, resin floors, entrance matting and many more.


With a cleaning width of 420 mm (16″), the Duplex 420 Floor Cleaning Machine cleans, scrubs and picks up the dirty water. With the simple flick of a switch the brush height can be adjusted to suit all flooring types.


A pre-scrub facility is available for heavilysoiled floors meaning that cleaning solution can be released onto the floor and then when the water has had a chance to do it’s job, the recovery facility can be switched on to extract dirty water and grime from the floor.


This also allows ‘right to the edge’ cleaning, alongside walls and into corners, along skirtings, under furniture and around fixtures. A range of easily interchangeable brushes are available to suit any particular floor surface surface from carpets to hard flooring.


The Duplex 420 Floor Cleaning Machine is remarkable-it gives outstanding results on all floor surfaces and washes, mops, scrubs, dries and polishes all surfaces to an exceptionally high standard.


The Duplex 420 Floor Cleaning Machine has brushes which are offset to one side and the machine’s bi-directional handle allows cleaning in both directions with no lifting involved.



Multifunctional, professional: the Duplex is particularly effective for thoroughly cleaning medium sized spaces such as hotel rooms, kitchens, offices and hospitals.


The Duplex® brand, a byword for efficiency, identifies machines with innumerable advantages for cleaning and sanitizing your floors to best effect.
3 application solutions: wash only, wash with recovery, and polishing.


In normal use, the Duplex is an automatic floorwasher: it dispenses the liquid, washes the surface and immediately recovers the dirt.
If the floor is particularly dirty, simply flipping a lever turns the machine into non-recovery floor washing machine.
The cleaning fluid is recovered at a later stage when the lever is returned to its original position.


Two larger diameter cylindrical counter-rotating brushes

The energetic action of the two patented cylindrical brushes, rotating in opposite directions at 650 rpm (peripheral speed of 5 m/s), assures effective mechanical washing. 
The Duplex brushes are larger than conventional floor cleaning brushes, so that they rotate at a faster peripheral speed which greatly reduces cleaning times.


Dual liquid dispensing (one head per brush)

The two washing solution tanks wet both brushes at the same time for highly effective results in both directions.


Dual dirt recovery system

The machine is equipped with sophisticated and safe dirt recovery system employing special transport belts.


Unique removable tanks

The liquid tanks are easy to remove when necessary, since they are not blocked by the valve cables; they are easy to clean, while the dirt recovery tank is located at the centre of the machine with two special scrapers which gather all the solid and liquid waste.


Versatile application

the Duplex 420, when fitted with special optional brushes, can also be used for removing wax and encrustations, and polishing and degreasing

  • 4 working positions: for dealing with any surface, carpet tile, wood, pvc, cotto, ceramic tile, stone and so on.
  • Optional brushes: Duplex can be equipped (on request) with a variety of brushes: abrasive, polishing, and special brushes for fabrics, carpets and carpet tiles

  • Removable brushes: the hex wrench included with the machine makes it a snap to remove and replace brushes in just a few seconds.

  • Brush mounting system: the patented brush mounting system completely eliminates vibration and judder in use


Automatic electrical safety system



Duplex Demo Video


Perfect Cleaning on ALL Surfaces:

Duplex has created the most simple and versatile solution for thorough cleaning and drying of all types of floors. 

Cleaning includes both solid and liquid dirt recovery. The Duplex washes, brushes and disinfects and is also ideal for cleaning profiled flooring. 

The Duplex is an extremely straightforward and user friendly machine. Its compact design, brush and tank positions, and centralized motor combine to produce a perfectly balanced machine. This allows single handed operation.




Duplex Carpet Demo


How the Duplex Floor Washing Machine Works

To start the machine simply lower the handle slightly. Pull the trigger to release water and detergent. Cylindrical brushes flick dirt onto rotating belts which carry it to a central recovery tank. This tank is easily removed for emptying. To stop the machine simply raise the handle back to the upright position.


Unique Features:

Dual-direction: the original design and versatility of the Duplex allows bi-directional cleaning. With the brushes working to the edge on one side, a fluid movement to change handle position allows cleaning up to every edge without having to lift or turn the machine.  

Thorough floor cleaning, even in the most hard to reach areas: under furniture, along skirting boards and in corners.  

  • Two large contra-rotating cylindrical brushes  
  • Liquid distribution for each brush  
  • Double dirt recovery system  
  • Removable recovery tank  
  • Automatic electrical protection system  
  • Three operating functions: washing only, washing and collection, polishing  
  • Carpet and mat cleaning using the unique (splitting hair) system







Duplex Escalator Demo





Duplex Tile Video Demo


Additional Accessories Available for Purchase at Checkout:

Caddy Transportation Trolley
The optional Caddy trolley makes transporting the Duplex even easier.



The Gray Duplex® brushes supplied as standard to clean all types of floor. 

Duplex® also provides optional brushes for specific requirements: 
• BLACK BRUSHES: for dedicated hard floor cleaning 
• YELLOW BRUSHES: for the delicate cleaning of carpets or mats 
• HORSEHAIR BRUSHES: for polishing 
• TYNEX BRUSHES: highly abrasive action 
• SCOTCH-BRITE BRUSHES: a slight abrasive and polishing action, specifically for smooth floors and/or linoleum

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SPECIFICATIONS                                                      DP  420

Cleaning Path


Solution Tank

1.6 Gal

Recover Capacity

1 Gal

Brush Speed

780 RPM

Brush Pressure

57 lbs.

Brush Motor 1,000 W / 1.3 hp
Power Cord 35 ft.
Weight 57 lbs.

Working Capacity

6,160 sq.ft./hr.

Noise Level

64 dBA




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