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HT12 Hydro Tube IPC Eagle Ultra Pure 1.5-Story Commercial Window Cleaning System

HT Hydro Tube IPC Eagle Ultra Pure Window Cleaning System  HydroTube
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Product Description

HydroTube HT-12 IPC Eagle Ultra Pure 1.5 Story Commercial Window Cleaning System.


The Hydro Tube offers a better, faster way to clean windows up to 5 stories safely from the ground. The unique linear design (patent pending) allows us to build a sophisticated high volume reverse osmosis DI water purification system all in one portable tube. The result is spot free windows at a fraction of the cost and time of any other system.


Key Features:

  • Includes: 12 ' telescopic Fiberglass pole, 5" gooseneck and 14" Speed Brush
  • Cleans up to 1.5 Stories
  • Utilization of IPC Eagle’s pure water system, which uses reverse osmosis and de-ionization to produce mineral-free water for streak-free windows
  • Compact and portable system due to its large rear wheels and transportable design
  • When working together with telescopic poles, it can clean up to five stories safely from the ground
  • Works to reduce labor and improve safety by eliminating the need to climb up and down ladders
  • Available in battery, electric and gas boost pumps


The IPC Eagle Hydro Tube HT-12 Commercial Window Cleaning System Includes:

12' telescopic Fiberglass pole, 5" gooseneck and 14" Speed Brush, 100 FT Hose, TDS Meter and Filter Set. Please check the ACCESSORIES Tab for additional tools.



  • .5 to 1 GPM Max Production Pump
  • 1.5 Stories Cleaning Height
  • Lightweight with portable RO/ DI cart
  • Easiliy transported in and out of vehicles
  • Rolls effortlessly on sidewalks, grass and up and down stairs
  • Operates lying down
  • 12' telescopic Fiberglass pole, 5" gooseneck and 14" Speed Brush
  • Handheld TDS meter
  • Produces pure water at leass than $.03 per gallon
  • Cleans up to 3 stories without a pump
  • Works on tap pressure only
  • Easily change filters with no tools required
  • Can be upgraded to a battery, electric or gas module
  • Comes with 100' of industrial hose


HYDROTUBE Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System 




With its 4-stage filtration process, including reverse osmosis and deionization, mineral-free water is producted and can be used to clean windows perfectly without chemicals needed.



Can create 1/2 to 1 gallons per minute of pure water



With its lightweight and compact size, the Hydro Cart can be thrown into the back of the car, go down steps and curbs and through many types of terrain.   



Can clean up to 5 stories safely from the ground, removing the extra task of moving and climbing up and down ladders



With the elimination of chemicals and the ability to produce water at $0.03 a gallon, the Hydro Tube is a very cost-effective tool.



To increase pure water production, the HydroTube has an Electric or a Gas Module.



Comes complete with 12' telescopic Fiberglass pole, 5" gooseneck and 14" Speed Brush, and a handheld TDS motor.



Available in Electric or Gas Modules ECO-Boost stainless steel pump modules can be easily added to the IPC Eagle HydroTube to increase water flow and productivity. Water production can be increased by two-times and increases overall productivity. It allows the Hydro Tube to clean up to 6 stories with the use of two poles.   

HydroTube Electric Boost Pump  Gas Boost Pump

57" X 13" X 11"

57" X 13" X 11'

57" X 13" X 11"

28 lbs 28 lbs 28 lbs
Tap pressure Electric Gas Engine
No Pump Boost Boost
.53 - .79 gpm 1.03 - 1.29 gpm 1.03 - 1.29 gpm
4" dia X 40" Length 4" dia X 40" Length 4" dia X 40" Length
1 2 2

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