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iS36 Apollo Industrial Grade Vapor Steam Machine

iS36 Apollo Industrial Grade Vapor Steam MachineiS36 Apollo Industrial Grade Vapor Steam Machine
IS18 Apollo IS18 Apollo
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iS36 Apollo Industrial Grade Vapor Steam MachineiS36 Apollo Industrial Grade Vapor Steam Machine
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Product Description

IS36 Apollo Dry Vapor Steam Generator 


The iS36 from Osprey Frank demands the attention of all serious steam users. This unit simply outperforms every other 36 kW Dry Vapor steam generator made. The heat flow rod system is the newest boiler-less technology to hit the market, similar to the newest energy-efficient tankless hot water systems that are becoming more popular. The unlimited, adjustable steam quality (wet/dry) and detergent injection option make this unit energy efficient in both power consumption AND in the amount of steam output volume it produces!


The heating element design is developed around a heating coil system that allows water to travel through the coil spirals, producing maximum steam, before being released into the hose connection. This provides more surface contact and is faster and more efficient than a traditional boiler design. This new technology produces well over double the steam output volume of other machines in this class, creating double the impact and double the cleaning power of the competition. Couple this with the non-stop steam delivery system of this machine (again unique) without ever decreasing in performance and you have the champion of the industry.


Other features of this unit include an onboard softening system to help increase the time between descaling operations, continual monitoring of the unit with a PLC control system that can be integrated to industrial applications such as robot systems, an LCD touch panel, and an ergonomic pistol grip of the handle, making the Is36 the clear choice for most industrial applications.


Conventional Steam Boiler System VS Innovative Heat Flow Rod Coil Technology



Conventional (Other Devices)

Traditional Water boiler:

  • Heating elements heat up water until evaporation.
    The steam builds up pressure and is released into the steam hose.
  • New System (Our technology)

Innovative Heat Flow Rod Coil Technology (Our technology)

Boiler-less technology:

  • Water is pumped through a special heating spiral and is heated
    via an inbuilt heating wire.
  • Before the end of the heating spiral the hot water will become
    steam and is released into the steam hose.

Features include:

  • Innovative heat flow rod coil design (boiler-less)
  • Shorter heat up time
  • Higher steam output volume
  • Designed for continuous operation (no pressure loss)
  • Detergent injection
  • PLC controlled ( can be integrated for industrial applications, robot systems)
  • Adjustable steam quality (wet/dry)
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304)
  • Integrated water softening cartridge
  • Accessories and safety package

Applications include but not limited to:

  • Food manufacturing/processing
  • Machine maintenance
  • Deep cleaning and degreasing
  • Decontamination and sanitizing
  • Used with Frank/FPS BSU and Cleanbox systems???


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