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9000SV Raptor Industrial Dry Vapor Steam Machine

9000SV Raprot Falcon Steam Generator 9000SV Raptor Falcon Steam GeneratorRaptor 9000SV Double Boiler
9000SV Raptor Falcon Steam Generator 9000SV Raptor
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9000SV Raprot Falcon Steam Generator 9000SV Raptor Falcon Steam GeneratorRaptor 9000SV Double Boiler
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Product Description

9000SV Raptor Falcon Steam Generator.

When it comes to effectiveness and productivity, the 9000SV Raptor stands out from its competitors. It uses the same Intelligent Boiler Technology as our industry-leading Peregrine Series of Steam Generators, letting the operator know in advance when it’s time to perform a descaling procedure. This 9000 Watt steamer has a dual-boiler (2x4500W) arrangement that provides up to 13lb/hr of Dry Vapor Steam Power. Operating at a constant 145 PSI and 356°F with no decrease in performance over prolonged use, this unit is the champion dirt hunter!

It has dual reservoirs that allow you to introduce chemicals through steam injection into the cleaning process. This increases the effectiveness of the cleaners as well as the cleaning process. The unit also has the ability to introduce “wet steam” when a greater impact is needed for the heaviest soil build up. With three different steam output levels, YOU get to choose how and when to use them based on your application and needs. The versatility of the 9000SV Raptor is unparalleled in the industry.

On top of all of this, the 9000SV Raptor incorporates a 1200 Watts/HEPA Filter vacuum making it easy and convenient for the operator to recover leftover residue while cleaning. To round up the previous features described, this unit comes with a complete set of tools for a wide variety of applications, making the9000SV Raptor a formidable industrial steam generator and vacuum combination.



  • 2 qt. Dual Boiler Capacity 
  • Low Water Warning 
  • Stainless Steel Boiler Construction
  • 145 PSI Boiler Pressure
  • Continuous Water Refill
  • Electronic Display for Work Functions
  • Fully Variable Detergent Supply Regulation
  • Vacuum HEPA Filter
  • 2 Gallon Capacity of Vacuum Recovery Tank
  • Paper Cartridge Vacuum Filter
  • Polyethylene Tank Material
  • 356º Fahrenheit Steam Temperature in Boiler
  • 302º Fahrenheit Steam Temperature at Nozzle
  • 9000 Watt Output


Dual Boiler:


Raptor 9000SV Tool Kit:

  • Steam & Vacuum hose, 10' part # STA-00001
  • Multi-Surface Tool part # STA-00003
  • Brush Attachment for Multi-Surface Tool part #STA-00004
  • Multi-Surface Tool Glider Plate part # STA-00005
  • Steam & Vacuum Extension Tubes (2) part # STA-00002
  • Detail Cleaning wand 10.5" Steam and Vacuum part # STA-00012
  • Floor Tool, Standard, 12" part # STA-00006
  • Glider Plate for Standard Floor Tool, 12" part # STA-00008
  • Squeegee Cartridge for Standard Floor Tool, 12" part #STA-00007
  • Upholstery Tool part # STA-00009
  • Brush Attachment for Upholstery Tool part # STA-00011
  • Squeegee Attachment for Upholstery Tool part # STA-00010
  • Detail Cleaning Wand 3.5" Steam and Vacuum part # STA-00013
  • Detail Steam Nozzle Specialty Steam and Vacuum, 1 hole part # STA-00111
  • Detail Steam and Vacuum Specialty Nozzle, 3 hole part # STA-00112
  • Vacuum Specialty Detail Nozzle, Narrow part # STA- 00107
  • Vacuum Specialty Detail Nozzle, Wide part # STA-00106
  • Steam and Vacuum Specialty Window Squeeze, 5" part # STA-00110
  • Steam and Vacuum Window Squeegee, 10" part # STA-00109
  • Adapter for Steam and Vacuum for Restroom Kit part # STP-0236
  • Floor Tool, Large, 16" for Restroom Kit part # STA- 00105
  • Bristle Strip for Large Floor Tool, 16" for Restroom Kit part # STA00103
  • Squeegee Cartridge for Large Floor Tool, 16" for Restroom Kit part # STA-00104
  • Carpet Cleaning Floor Tool, 10" Steam & Vacuum Specialty part # STA-00108
  • Squeegee Attachment for Carpet Tool, 10" Steam & Vacuum Specialty part # STA-00114
  • Squeegee and Brush Attachment for Carpet Tool, 10" Steam & Vacuum Specialty part #STA-00115
  • Triangle Brush for Fitted Detail Wand, 3 Hole part # STA-00021
  • Round Brush for Fitted Detail Wand, 1 Hole part # STA-00022
  • Detail Cleaning Brushes (14): 8 small, 3 medium, 3 large (Stainless Steel, Brass, Nylon)




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