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9000S Raptor Industrial Steam Cleaner Generator

Steam Generator Hawk 9000S RaptorFalcon Raptor 9000S Steam Generator
Double Boiler
 9000S Raptor Falcon Steam Generator
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Steam Generator Hawk 9000S RaptorFalcon Raptor 9000S Steam Generator
Double Boiler
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Product Description


9000S Raptor Falcon Industrial Steam Cleaner.


The 9000S Raptor epitomizes what an industrial steam generator should be. It uses the same Intelligent Boiler Technology as our industry-leading Peregrine Series of Steam Generators, letting the operator know in advance when it’s time to perform a descaling procedure. This 9000 Watt steamer has a dual-boiler arrangement (2x4500W) that provides up to 13lb/hr of Dry Vapor Steam Power. Operating at a constant 145 PSI and 356°F with no decrease in performance over prolonged use, this unit is the champion dirt hunter!

This Steam Only unit is the choice when you need a portable degreaser, spot cleaner or work anywhere you have hard to reach areas that require the use of a lance/wand system.

It has dual reservoirs that allow you to introduce chemicals through steam injection into the cleaning process. This increases the effectiveness of the cleaners as well as the overall cleaning process. The 9000S Raptor also has the ability to introduce “wet steam” when a greater impact is needed for the heaviest soil build up. With three different steam output levels, YOU get to choose how and when to use them based on your application and needs. The 9000S Raptor's versatility is unparalleled in the industry.



  • 2 qt. Dual Boiler Capacity 
  • Stainless Steel Boiler Construction
  • 145 PSI Boiler Pressure
  • Continuous Water Refill
  • Electronic Display for Work Functions
  • 356º Fahrenheit Steam Temperature in Boiler
  • 302º Fahrenheit Steam Temperature at Nozzle
  • 9000 Watt Output

Dual Boiler:

Raptor 9000S Tool Kit:

  • Operator Interface/ Hose

  • 2 Piece Wand

  • Floor Tool

  • Mutli- Surface Tool w/ Brush

  • 2 Piece Wand

  • Steam Lance and Hose

  • 1 each Small, Medium, and Large Brass

  • Stainless Steel and Nylon brushes

  • 1 Cotton cloth for Multi-Surface Tool

  • 1 Cotton cloth for Floor Tool

Power Phase: 3
Voltage- Amps: 480 Volts. 15 Amps
Frequency (Hz): 60
Power Cable Length: 20 Feet
Max Power: 9850 W
Time Before Start: 3-4 Min
Noise Level: < 85 dB(A)
Low Water Warning: Yes
Boiler Capacity: 2 QT.-Dual
Boiler Material: Stainless Steel
Boiler Pressure: 145 psi
Power of Water Pump: 110V +48W
Steam Temperature in Boiler: 356 F
Safety Switch Temperature: 392 F
Steam Temperature at Nozzle: 302 F
Water Tank Material: Polyethylene
Water Tank Capacity (2 Each): 1.3 +1.3
Detergent Supply: Dual 1.3
Power Detergent Pump: 48 W (2X)
Weight: 137 Lbs
Dimensions: 37" x 19" x 41"



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