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Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"

Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"
Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit" 8020280
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Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"Patented Pre-Spray "Smart kit"
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Product Description

NaceCare Pre-Spray/ Low Moisture System

Patented Pre-Spray "Smart Kit"


The SMART KIT is an option for the TP8, TP18SX/DX, AV 12QX, AV 18 SX/AX and is standard on the TP18 SX-HP and AVB 12QX. For the same reason we allow stripper dwell time prior to scrubbing and don't dispense it through the scrubber, pre-spraying is critical in ensuring effective carpet cleaning. the SMART KIT uses the extractor pump to dispense an onboard chemical through a 33' pre-spray hose. 



  • One person can do the job of two while easily ensuring enough pre-spray is applied at all times. With other systems, you require a second person to pre-spray in order to ensure your machine is not sitting dormant half the time while you either fill the sprayer or apply the spray. 
  • 12 or 18 gallon solution tanks ensure ample pre-spray and cleaning solution is available
  • ensures a consistent and correct dilution at all times with constant flow and no pumping.
  • More powerful than any other system which means you can apply pre-treat far more quickly. 
  • Can spray for 30 minutes (AV 12QX) or 45 minutes (AV18, TP18) before re-filling. An electric sprayer needs to be refilled every 5-7 minutes.  

Low Moisture Cleaning

The SMART KIT does it all, even Low Moisture Cleaning.

By simply turning the knob to the "Low Moisture" setting the flow of water is reduced from the 1 gpm used in restorative cleaning to 0.2 gpm.

Everything else remains the same except for two things:
- The carpet dries in under 60 minutes
-You can clean forever on one tank of water- 60 minutes on an AV 12 and 90 minutes on an AV 18.

Its that simple!

Think of all the cleaning at over 4,000 ft./ hr you can do on a simple tank!

Kit consists of:

  • Gun
  • Pre-spray Hose
  • Chemical dispensing system
  • Chemical box bracket and hardware
  • Hose holder mounting bracket and hardware
  • Hose holder
  • Low Moisture Jets for wand and hand tool





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