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JS1600C NACECARE JetSteam 488
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Product Description

NACECARE JS1600C JetSteam PRO Steam Cleaner.  Steam, Sanitize and Disinfect.




Dry Saturated Steam at Highy-Temperature eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs.

The Jetsteam 
JS1600C PRO is a superheated dry steam cleaning machine that dissolves and emulsifies grease, mold and grime build-up, vaporizing and killing the bacteria from all types of surfaces and equipment, leaving them completely clean and sanitized.

NaceCare Jetsteam Professional can be used as a complete solution for hygiene throughout facilities, or in individual locations. It can be used to clean bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, fridges, ovens, toilets, beds, upholstery, tiles, windows, patient areas, and canopies.


  • Stainless steel welded boiler ensuring consistent steam pressure.
  • The power of steam attacks grease, grime, hard water deposits, mold and more as it quickly breaks down virtually any type of soil, leaving the surfaces clean and sanitized without the use of chemicals.
  • Operator safety is assured by the 12Volt waterproof switches and controls, a pressure switch, a high-limit thermal shutoff and an LED display informing the operator when the water level is low.
  • Continouos Steam System- The pump is connected to the water reservoir for a constant supply of water and unlimited working capacity, the tank can be filled while the unit is running allowing for continuous use.
  • The Energy saving safety system also automatically shuts off the machine if it's idle for 60 minutes.




 Mod. 8bar: Standard overheated water injection

 Automatic water refilling system





  • 4 Quart Reservoir Size
  • 1.25 Quart Boiler Size
  • Superior 62 dBA rating 
  • 1500 Watts of heating power  
  • Operator safety is assured by the 2-Volt steam controls, pressure switch, thermostat, high-limit thermal shutoff and pressure relief valve  
  • The tank can be filled whiile unit is running, allowing for continuous use
  • Excellent on grouted floors, showers, kitchens and any area where detail cleaning is a challenge 
  • Very effective in all food preparation and processing areas, including stainless steel range hoods in kitchens
  • Ideal for hotl rooms- spot draperies, bedspreads and carpets and even kill bed bugs and their eggs on mattresses 
  • Clean floors with the optional "steam mop" and 33' hose 
  • The continuous flow system provides the necessary steam to remove dirt and built-up soil while leaving your floors virtually dry


Our Jetsteam Pro machines are widely recognized as amongst the most powerful and reliable in the industry.

Why The JS1600C:
The Jetsteam Pro is a powerful yet compact steam cleaner. An ideal machine that is mobile and requires only a rapid 3.5 minutes to start. With just a squeeze of the trigger, a consistent and powerful jet of 338 degree Fahrenheit superheated steam is available for cleaning. There is no downtime to cleaning as it features automatic boiler refilling. Steam cleaning is very effective for cleaning and sanitizing irregular surfaces or hard to reach areas.

Complete Range of Accessories:
With the adaptation of the steam mop tool and microfiber value-pads, it facilitates deep cleaning and sanitization of walls and floors with ease. Multiple brush (nylon, brass and stainless steel) nozzles can also be adapted for different surfaces and needs.

Due to its compact design that is only slightly larger than a soccer ball, it can easily be transported between locations.

TrueTemp Technology:

The TrueTemp device marks a breakthrough in steam cleaning technology and reliability. 
All of our advanced supersteamers have TrueTemp technology integrated. 
TrueTemp eliminates probe failures in conventional steam cleaners due to calcium build-up. It ensures consistent temperatures, prevents machine failure and potential safety hazards.

TrueTemp achieves precision boiler refills, with only the precise amount of water injected. TrueTemp is unaffected by calcium deposits and remains reliable in all types of water (hard, mineral, soft, purified).

Advanced Self Cleaning Boilers:

The boiler is the heart of all steam cleaners. And we take great pride in having the best boilers in the industry: self cleaning boilers that require little maintenance.

All its boilers are made of the highest quality AISI 304 stainless steel with Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. Consistently high temperature steam is produced regardless of the type of water (hard, mineral, soft and purified). Even better, the boilers are self-cleaning and require little maintenance.

A summary of SuperSteam Advanced Self Cleaning (ASC) Boilers:


Feature Benefit
Self Cleaning No additional chemicals needed to remove calcium deposit build-up
Low maintenance Simply unscrew the valve to release the calcium deposits
AISI 304 Stainless Steel Highest quality stainless steel - "indestructible"
Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding Boilers last much longer. Very high quality welding technique that produces a pure AISI 304 stainless steel boiler with no contamination
Encapsulated Heating Elements Replaceable heating elements. No need to change entire boiler

CR40025 Optional Cart for JS1600C JetSteam PRO Steam Cleaning Machine

115 PSI Steam Pressure
Powerfuul 115 PSI of Steam Pressure in a small portable machine.

Continuous Steam
Separate boiler and water reservoir, the tank can be filled while the unit is running allows the Jetsteam Pro to run continuously.

1.0 Gallon Water Reservoir
Large 1.0 Gallon water reservoir allows the Jetsteam PRO to clean more areas with less refills.

4 Min Start Up
Super fast start up means you can clean within 4 mins of turning the Jetsteam Pro's power on.

Optional Steam Mop:

Steam Mop for cleaning of floors and vertical surfaces. Light and very handy with 33 FT hose, telescopic tube and 40 cm cloths cotton/ polyester and microfiber (optional), steam regulation on the handle. 


Boiler Size 0.3 Gallon
Boiler Capacity 1.0 Gallon
Water Reservoir 1.0 Gallon
Heating Power 1500 Watt
Steam Hose length 9.5 Ft
Steam Pressure 115 PSI
Steam Temperature 338 Fahrenheit
Water Reservoir 1.0 Gallon
Power Cord 8 Ft.
Weight 12 lbs.
Total Power 1500 Watt / 120VOLT

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