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PT 30 NaceCare Restroom Foam Cleaning Machine

PT 30 PowerTec 30 8 Gallon Restroom Care Machine NacecarePT 30 NaceCare Restroom Foam Cleaning MachinePT 30 NaceCare Restroom Foam Cleaning Machine
PT 30 Nacecare PowerTec 30
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PT 30 PowerTec 30 8 Gallon Restroom Care Machine NacecarePT 30 NaceCare Restroom Foam Cleaning MachinePT 30 NaceCare Restroom Foam Cleaning Machine
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Product Description

PT 30 NaceCare PowerTec 30, 8 Gallon Restroom Care Machine






PT 30 Powertec 30 is a patented machine for cleaning and sanitizing small and middle-sized restrooms, in areas open to public. It combines spraying of a fluid foam, rinsing and vacuuming. With Powertec30 restrooms can be completely cleaned, sanitized and left perfumed and dry in a short time, making the cleaning operations more pleasant and effective as well.

Using the machine is immediate and does not require any training for the operator.

Small and light, it can be easily stored or carried from place to place.

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:


  • Spraying of foam on all the surfaces to be cleaned (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers and panes),
  • Chemical action against dirt and bacteria,
    with clean water,
  • Floor washing with injection-extraction system.

The manual gun allows you to spray fluid foam and to rinse surfaces with clean water.

The special wand included allows you to clean hard floors with the injection-extraction system: a chemical solution is sprayed on the floor and vacuumed. The dirt detached from the floor is completely removed thanks to the powerful vacuum and collected in the recovery tank.

In few second the floor gets perfectly dry and with no effort. It is possible to inject and vacuum simultaneously, or to inject, brush and then vacuum. A specific bristle on the vacuum head allows you to brush efficiently very dirty floors.




It is not necessary to manually dose the chemical, because the machine automatically picks up the right quantity of chemical from the chemical tank and mixes it with clean water, taken from the water tank.The chemical is always used in the correct quantity and never wasted.   




PT30 Powertec 30 allows a sanitizing chemical to be nebulized to quickly sanitize previously cleaned surfaces and environments. It is possible to use two nebulization systems:

    a) nebulization@100micron - for surfaces

    b) turbo-nebulization@50micron - for surfaces and environments




With a specific manual gun it is possible to nebulize a sanitizing chemical in the form of a liquid solution in 100 micron particles. With the nebulization at 100 micron the particles deposit evenly on the surfaces wetting them slightly and after a few minutes the particles evaporate, leaving the surfaces dry. In this way the chemical is able to act for the necessary time to carry out its sanitizing action. This is the ideal solution to quickly sanitize all washable surfaces.




Using a specific hand gun for turbo-nebulization@50micron it is also possible to deliver a mixture of air and very fine particles of pure sanitizing product with a diameter of only 50micron.

Their small size allows the particles to remain in suspension in the sanitizing air jet, which can reach points 4 meters away from the operator. By directing the jet appropriately, it can easily reach every point in the room and saturate small rooms quickly and evenly

With turbo-nebulization@50micron, the particles wet surfaces very little, leaving them only slightly damp for a few minutes. In this way, the product is able to act for as long as it takes to perform its sanitizing action in all points.


PT30 Powertec 30 can be used in many places:


  • Restaurants, fast-foods, pubs, discotheques, motorways caf├ęs
  • Offices, factories
  • Shopping centers, exhibition halls
  • Cinemas, theatres, stadiums, arenas
  • Nursing homes, hospitals
  • Schools, universities,
  • City public WC, public showers, barracks
  • Ferries, cruise ships, airports, railways stations,
  • Fitness centers, swimming pools, saunas, spas, hotels
  • Portable restrooms 
  • Any other restroom open to public


The PT30 Powertec system is the best solution to the problem of cleaning and sanitizing restrooms in places where there is a need for frequent, even daily cleaning.  It offers several advantages when compared to any other cleaning system:


  • Better cleaning and sanitizing result: foam does not immediately fall onto the floor, but stays on the surfaces where it has been sprayed for some minutes. This ensures both the cleaning and sanitizing action. Laboratory tests certify that using the machine with specific chemicals  allows you to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Visual effect of foam: foam covers in white all the surfaces where it is sprayed such as walls, sinks, fixtures. The operator can therefore check that every corner has been covered, for a complete action in every point.
  • The greatest hygienic safety for the worker, who does not come in contact with the surfaces and the objects to be cleaned and who does not get wet by the bouncing water, because rinsing is done with low pressure.
  • Reduced labor for the worker: manual work is reduced to a minimum since the dirt is removed by the chemical action of foam and the following rinsing action.
  • This system, more comfortable and hygienic, gives a greater fulfillment to the worker.
  • Saving of time: while foam acts on the surfaces where it has already been sprayed, the worker is free to operate on the next surface. Therefore, even a big room can be completely cleaned quickly and with no idle time.
  • Detergent saving: the chemical is used without waste because it does not immediately fall onto the floor.
  • Reduced power consumption: the machine requires little electrical power and therefore it can be used in any places.
  • Reduced water consumption: Santoemma systems, rinsing with low pressure, require a minimal quantity of water. This avoids the flood of rooms, allows a longer working autonomy and offers the immediate availability of the rooms that have been cleaned.
  • The machine can be used also in places where there are no drains because it can completely vacuum the water that remains on the floor after rinsing.
  • The machine has a small size, therefore it is easy to carry from place to place and can be stored in a small room.
  • Filling with clean water can be easily done with a hose connected to the tap.
  • The discharge of dirty water is carried out easily thanks to a long hose. 
  • The use of the machine is immediate and does not require any training. Just one lever is located on the control panel, to select solution or clean water spraying.
  • Using optional accessories, a chemical can be nebulized with the same machine to quickly sanitize previously cleaned surfaces and environments.
  • Using optional tools, Powertec30 can be used as an injection-extraction machine, for carpet or upholstery cleaning.




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Vac Motor 1.3 Hp = 1000W - 2 stages
Airflow 13 Gal/sec
Water lift 7" H2O
Pump Rating 200 PSI (MAX)
Pump Type Membrane int. Bypass
Number of Pumps 2
Flow Rate 2 gal / minute (Max)
Compressor 90 W
Compressor Type Oil less (Maintenance free)
Weight 77 lbs
Power Cord 33 ft
Pressure Hose 18 ft
Vac Hose 18 ft
Blower Hose 18 ft
Capacity - Solution 8 gallon
Capacity - Recovery 8 gallons

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