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1800S-HD Peregrine Deep Clean Steam Machine

Falcon Peregrine 1800S-HD Steam Cleaner Heavy DutyPeregrine 1800S-HD Falcon Steam Cleaner1800S-HD Falcon Peregrine Steam Cleaner Heavy DutyPeregrine 1800S-HD Falcon
1800S-HD Peregrine Falcon Deep Clean Steamer
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Falcon Peregrine 1800S-HD Steam Cleaner Heavy DutyPeregrine 1800S-HD Falcon Steam Cleaner1800S-HD Falcon Peregrine Steam Cleaner Heavy DutyPeregrine 1800S-HD Falcon
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Product Description

1800S-HD Peregrine  


The 1800S-HD Peregrine is the newest member of the steam-only generators available to the market. This warrior is top-of-the-class when compared to any other competitor. The Intelligent Boiler Technology (IBT) takes this steamer above and beyond anything else currently in the marketplace! The boiler provides an industry-leading 117PSI during continuous use, and the boiler temperature reaches an actual 338°F and delivers steam that is hotter than any of the smaller 110V units on the market. This bird is in a class by itself when considering continuous productivity and steam production! Tests show it has an output of over twice as much steam (measured in pounds/hour) as competitive models under prolonged use. 



  • Intelligent Boiler Technology
  • Dual Coil Boiler
  • Continuous use (no need to turn off or lose pressure to add water)
  • Low voltage (on handle) 5V
  • 3 levels steam output
  • Detergent injection function
  • Visual and audible warning alerts for water and chemicals
  • Steam only LCD Panel
  • Visible indicator icon alerts you when maintenance needs to be performed
  • All steam and detergent functions can be controlled from handle
  • 4 swivel castor wheels with brakes
  • Folding handle and removable tool caddy for compact storage
  • Easy maintenance Procedure
  • 1800 Watt Output
  • AISI 304 Stainless, Boiler Construction
  • 338 Fahrenheit Max Temperature
  • 117 PSI Max Pressure
  • Weight 55 lbs.
  • Complete Steam Tool Kit

- Education Customers
- Contract Cleaners
- Shopping Malls and Grocery Stores
- Shower Rooms


The Peregrine series features boilers that are state of the art technology that takes steam generators into the main stream of cleaning. The dual coil element maximizes surface area and provides a speedy “heat-up” time. The steam pressure and temperatures remain consistent, even under continuous use. The boiler features our patented INTELLIGENT BOILER TECHNOLOGY that tells you when it needs descaling and provides the highest steam temperatures in its class. IBT allows any operator to perform the descaling maintenance to maintain optimum performance without the need for tools!



The digital control panel of the Peregrine 1800S-HD manages everything for you!
The LCD interface allows you to monitor all functions and communicates when maintenance must be performed:

-Indicators for on and off of all functions; Steam and Chemical dispensing
-Indicators for which of 3 steam levels are being used
-Visible indicator to tell you when maintenance needs to be performed
-Digital readout of both steam temperature and pressure levels
-Visual and audible warning signals alert the operator when the unit is out of water or chemical



The operator controls are designed for ease of use all day long! The one button on and off controls for all functions make use and training simple. The operator handle utilizes an on-demand steam button in the grip that has an auto-return-to-off feature. This makes the peregrine one of the safest and fatigue free steamers to operate. All adjustments are made from the handle which means you never have to walk back to change a setting! 

The patented 2 piece insulated wand is designed to eliminate the "hot wand" problem found on older design streamers. You can use the Peregrine for a full shift without feeling discomfort or heat build-up where the operator must place their hands.





  • Floor Tool with Brush, Part # STA-00027
  • Extension Tubes (2), Part # STA-00026
  • Triangular Hand Brush, Part # STA-00028
  • 8″ Window Squeegee, Part # STA-00029
  • Glider Plater for Floor Tool Steam Only, Part # STA-00127
  • Steam Only Detail Cleaning Wand 10.5″, Part # STA-00018
  • Detail Wand, 3.5″, 1 Hole, Part # STA-00019
  • Detail Wand, 3.5″, 3 Hole, Part # STA-00020
  • Triangle Brush for Small Detail Wand, Part # STA-00021
  • Round Brush for Small Detail Wand, Part # STA-00022
  • Wiping Cloth for Steam Mop with Floor Tool, Part # STA-00120
  • Steam Only Multi Surface Tool Sock, Part #STA-00019
  • Detail Cleaning Brushes (12), Part # SMC-00001Part # SMC-00002Part # SMC-00003Part # SMC-00004Part # SMC-00005Part # SMC-00006Part # SMC-00007Part # SMC-00008Part # SMC-00009




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