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Sweeper vacuums are available in both manual and battery powered configurations. These sweeper vacuums are designed to clean large spaces such as warehouses, parking lots, body shops, and reception halls. Sweeper vacuums are suitable for both exterior and interior cleaning and will save you time.

IPC Eagle

36" Walk behind Vacuum Sweeper, Battery Powered, Traction Drive (self-propelled) Cleans and edges up to 48,440 sq. ft./hour, So quiet it can be used anytime, Includes built-in on-board battery charger. Picks up large debris without worries from paper clips and other damaging materials, Equipped with Side Brush/Broom and Main Brush.
Price: $7,142.00
Sanitaire Sale
SC6095A Commercial
Sanitaire 9 Gallon Self Contained Carpet Cleaner Extractor .

Sale: $1,975.00 Finance AS LOW AS $54.00 / mo
NaceCare Sale
TT 1117 NaceCare
17" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber
Electric Powered
GSA Sale: $2705.85
Best Buy
TK464E Vacuum Sweeper 24" Multi-Surface SmartVac, Includes Charger and Battery
Sale: $2,479.00 Finance as Low as $68 / month




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