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Commercial Steam Cleaners

Commercial steam cleaners are designed for extreme hygienic cleaning without cleaning agents. Nacecare, VapAmore, and Reliable commercial steam cleaners & steam cleaning machines clean, sanitize and disinfect - without chemicals. These steam cleaners are for commercial use and are suitable for long term use and durability.

Falcon Steam

220V, 60Hz 3400 Watt EXTREME DUTY Dry Vapor Steam Generator with vacuum. This unit produces dry steam vapor in a variable rate moisture content of 3-7% at 145 PSI and at a temperature of 338F. This unit features both wet and dry vacuum filtration and ULPA exhaust filtration. Comes with complete Steam& Vacuum tool kit.
SKU#:3400SV-XD 220V Peregrine
Price: $6,895.00

Falcon Steam

120V, 60Hz 1800 Watt Dry Vapor Steam Generator. This unit produces dry steam vapor in variable rate moisture content of 3-7% at 87PSI and at a temperature of 318F. Patented descaling system with alert ensures you always have a properly functioning generator. comes with complete Steam Only tool kit listed below for steam only use.
SKU#:1800SG Peregrine
Price: $2,080.00
Sanitaire Sale
SC6095A Commercial
Sanitaire 9 Gallon Self Contained Carpet Cleaner Extractor .

Sale: $1,975.00 Finance AS LOW AS $54.00 / mo
NaceCare Sale
TT 1117 NaceCare
17" Walk Behind Auto Scrubber
Electric Powered
GSA Sale: $2705.85
Best Buy
TK464E Vacuum Sweeper 24" Multi-Surface SmartVac, Includes Charger and Battery
Sale: $2,479.00 Finance as Low as $68 / month




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