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1500DC General DUST CONTROL Burnisher 1500 RPM

1500DC General  DUST CONTROL Burnisher 1500 RPM 220
1500DC General  DUST CONTROL Burnisher 1500 RPM
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Product Description

1500DC GENERAL Dust Control Burnisher 1500 RPM

Dust Control Burnisher

20" Brush Diameter
1.5 HP Motor Rectified DC (plug into AC outlet)
1500 RPM Ultra Speed

94 Lbs Weight

50 ft Power Cord, Cable -14 x 3 Wire

13.5 Amp's Running Amperage

DUST CONTROL, Ultra Speed Burnisher
The problem with most Burnishers is they generate surface dust that can affect gloss and the environment. Now General's state-of-the-art 1500DC features a dust control filter that is 98% efficient from 0-10 microns.

Dust Control Filter for 98% efficiency.

360 Wrap-a-round Bumper/ Turbulence Guard Keeps Dust and Dirt Contained

There is simply nothing like the results obtained with these Dust Control ULTRA Speed Machines as compared with standard speed machines when used with the modern thermo-plastic finishes the results are a glassy, wet look that lasts under the toughest conditions and is easily maintained. As a result of the ultra speed, less material is used, the job time is cut to a fraction and the finish is easily maintained by buffing.  The Built-in driving pad assembly is superbly balanced to produce vibration-free performance.

Two Year Power Train Warranty.
• Excellent design and close tolerance machining result in a superior brush
   pulley – the heart of any ultra speed.

• Non-marking, wrap around bumper.

• All surfaces highly polished aluminum or chrome plated steel.

• Safety switch levers

• “Grip-Notch” belt drive.

• Spike load protectors.

• 4 wheels for easy transportation

• DC rectified (plug into AC outlet), permanent magnet 1? H.P. motor, low amp draw.

• 50’, 3” wire, special low temperature, vinyl jacketed cable, type ST w/molded plug.

• All chrome or polished aluminum surfaces

Two models:

Model 1500DC 2001DC-1
Motor Rectified DC (plug into AC outlet)
1.5 HP 1.5 HP
Running Amperage 13.5 Amp's 13.5 Amp's
Brush Size
20" 20"
1500 2000
90 95
Power Cord
50 ft
50 ft

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