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L15 Lotus IPC Eagle Cylindrical Scrubber/Dryer

L15 Lotus IPC Eagle Cylindrical Scrubber/DryerL15 Lotus IPC Eagle Cylindrical Scrubber/Dryer
Lotus L15 EAGLE POWER Cylindrical Scrubber/Dryer 509
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L15 Lotus IPC Eagle Cylindrical Scrubber/DryerL15 Lotus IPC Eagle Cylindrical Scrubber/Dryer
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Product Description

L15 / T15 IPC Eagle, Lotus 15" Cylindrical Scrubber/ Dryer, Electric.

The L15 / T15 Electric Scrubber/dryer is great for smaller areas and difficult to reach areas. The L15 / T15 is a user friendly and very easy to transport. The recovery tank is removable for convenience. The L15 /T15 has a durable panel control that protects the switches against water and humidity.  The brush can also be replaced without tools for easy maintenance.


  • Thoroughly deep cleans porous and textures surfaces
  • Restores as is cleans
  • Scrubs and dries in one pass in either direction
  • Cylindrical design outperforms traditional methods
  • Safe and easy to use, even in restoration 
  • 15" Cleaning path
  • 4 Gallon Solution Tank
  • 4 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • 3.6" Diameter Cylindrical Brush
  • 790 RPM Brush Speed
  • 35 Lbs Maximum Pressure 
  • Compact design stores in a very small footprint

L15/T15 IPC Eagle Lotus 15 Cylindrical Scrubber.

The Lotus 15 is designed with one powerful cylindrical brush. These systems will handle your toughest restoration needs. The brush is contained between a two-squeegee system to allow for cleaning in either direction. The Lotus 15 comes with one cleaning solution tank and one recovery tank. Both are removable for easy dumping and filling.

Restores and Maintains Grouted and Textured Floors

The Lotus Series of scrubber/dryers is specifically designed to give unequaled performance in maintaining and restoring grouted and textured floors. The Lotus scrubbers are the only full line of cylindrical scrubbers on the market to fit into any facility’s cleaning needs. The cylindrical brush design applies much more pressure to go deep into the textured surface than traditional disc brushes. The Lotus scrubbers dispense the fluid into the brush – continually cleaning the brush. The cleaning solution is scrubbed deep into the surface and a powerful vacuum removes the soiled solution and dries the surface as it cleans. 

The unique design of the Lotus scrubbers makes them easy to use, transport and store. Just flip the switch and the Lotus scrubbers clean and dry in any direction. There are no adjustments needed – just clean. When through, lift the handle and the brush is pulled up off the floor into a storage position. All the Lotus scrubbers are designed with dolly wheels for easy transport from room to room or building to building. Fold down the handle and the units will fit into the trunk of a car or stand upright to store in a very small foot print.

For specialized applications, the vacuum can be turned off for continual scrubbing and better utilization of the cleaning solution. The Lotus scrubbers by their design utilize less cleaning solution than traditional systems. In short, cylindrical scrubbing puts more force and more cleaning solution in a more concentrated area to get down deep into the surface where disc scrubbers just can not go. Thus, a cleaner surface.  Use the Lotus scrubbers to maintain the surface and never have to restore the surface again. The surface will look better and will maintain its non-slip properties to reduce slips and falls.  

There are several brush options to fit any of your maintenance and restoration needs.


  • Scrubs in difficult to reach areas


  • Easy to transport
  • Removable recovery tank


  • Panel control switches protected against water and humidity


  • Brush replacement without tools

Technical Data: T15
Scrubbing Width: 15"/ 375 mm
Suction Width: 17"/ 430 mm
Productivity (max speed): 14,530 Ft^2 / 1,350 m^2/h
Number of brushes: 1 (cyl)
Solution tank capacity: 4 Gal / 14L
Recovery tank capacity: 4 Gal/ 15L
Power Supply: 110V/ 60 Hz
Weight: 77 Lbs / 35 Kg
Dimensions: 30" X 18" X 15"


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Technical Data: L15 / T15
Scrubbing Width: 15"/ 375 mm
Number of Brushes: 1 (Roller)
Brush Diameter: 3.6" / 100 mm
Brush Speed: 790 rpm
Maximum Pressure: 35 Lbs
Raising System: By the handgrip
Brush Head Adjustment: Mechanical by a knob
Transmission: By belt on the roller brush
Motors power: 370 Watt
Productivity: 14530 Ft^2
Material: Nylon
Bristle section: 0.3 mm
Brush Connection: Without the use of tools
Brush disconnection: Without the use of tools
Solution Tank:  
Capacity: 4 Gallon
Material: High density Polythene
Filter: Stainless steel cartridge 
Water Flow Adjustment: By the electric pump
Recovery Tank:  
Capacity: 4 Gallon
Material: High density polythene
Vacuum Motor Power: 1000 W
Stage: 2 Stage
Value in Water Column: 2000mm
Motor Position: Under the front hood
Motor Accessibility: Removing the front hood
Motor Protection Filter: Polyester net
Shape: Curved type
Width: 17" / 430 mm
Mainbody Material: Aluminum
Blade Material: Para rubber and polyurethane 
Pressure Adjustment: Tension rod and spring 
Raising System: By the handgrip
Traction System: No
Maximum Climbing Angle: 2%
Motor Power: 375 Watt 
Front: No
Rear: 2
Diameter: 150 mm
Material: Non marking rubber
Material: Steel
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Protection against impact: Roller bumper on the front cover
Length: 30"
Width: 18"
Height: 15"
Weight: 77 Lbs


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