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CT15 ECSB35 IPC Eagle Green Cleaning Battery Powered Walk Behind Auto-Scrubber

CT15 ECS IPC Eagle Green Cleaning Battery Powered Walk Behind Auto-ScrubberIPC Eagle CT15 ECS Green Cleaning Battery Powered Walk Behind Auto-Scrubber
CT15 ECS IPC Eagle Green Cleaning Battery Powered Walk Behind Auto-Scrubber
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CT15 ECS IPC Eagle Green Cleaning Battery Powered Walk Behind Auto-ScrubberIPC Eagle CT15 ECS Green Cleaning Battery Powered Walk Behind Auto-Scrubber
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Product Description


CT15 ECSB35 IPC Eagle The Ultimate Green Cleaning Auto Scrubber 

CT15 ECSB35 IPC Eagle Power. 14 inch Walk Behind Auto Scrubber, 4/5 Gallon Capacity, Pad Assist, Battery Powered, Patented 600 RPM Microfiber Scrub System. Chemical Free Cleaning. Includes: On-Board Charger, Pad Driver/Pad Holders, Squeegee assembly, Operating Manual and Parts List.


The CT15ECSB35 Automatic Scrubber Includes:

On Board Charger, Pad Driver or Brush, Squeegee Assembly, Owner's Guide, and 3-Year Warranty on Parts & Paid Labor.

Batteries are sold separately, please click on the Additional Items tab above to view battery options or continue to the check out page to order batteries.

The Ultimate GREEN Cleaning Machine.
The New Patented ECS (EcoCost Cleaning Solutions) Automated Scrubber features the High Speed Microfiber scrubbing systems which uses less water, chemicals, and time.

ECS- Eco Cost Cleaning Solution.

  • Reduce water consumption 80-91%. Saves up to 11,500 Gallon per year.
  • Reduce chemical consumption up to 80-90%. Saves up to 179 Gallons per year. 
  • Reduce labor time up to 30-50%. Saves up to 430 working hours per year.
  • Patented Microfiber Scrubbing System- Designed to deliver the performance advantages of Microfiber.

Equipped with High Speed Operating Modes:
1. High-Speed (600 RPM) Microfiber Scrub, Less Pressure for Microfiber Pads



  • 14” Single Disk Scrubber
  • Patented 600 RPM Microfiber Scrub System
  • Pad Assist
  • 4 Gallon Solution tank capacity 
  • 5 Gallon Recovery tank capacity 
  • 14" Scrubbing Width
  • .81 MPH Max Speed
  • 600 Watt Scrub Motor 
  • 60 lb Brush Pressure
  • Brush head adjustment
  • Vacuum Motor 294Watt 3-Stages
  • Exclusive V-Squeegee
  • 18" Squeegee Width 
  • Battery Operated
  • Equipped with On-Board Charger
  • 24Volt Power Supply System, Battery Operated
  • Battery run time 2.5 to 3.0 Hours



The CT15 ECSB35  automatic scrubber is the first of an innovative patented line of automatic scrubbers. The ECS system utilizes a high-speed microfiber scrub head which reduces water and
chemicals up to 90%. Just fill the machine once and the ECS never needs to be dumped and filled again which will reduce cleaning time by 30%-50%.

The high-speed microfiber cleaning action offers a new level of hygiene and cleaning that you have come to expect from microfiber cleaning. The new ECS systems can save up to 11,500 gallons of water, 179 gallons of chemicals, and 430 labor hours per year.

The new ECS is truly the "The Ultimate Green Cleaning Machine"









ECS High Speed Diamond Pad Scrubbing System

IPC Eagle’s ECS high speed automatic scrubbers are uniquely designed to clean and polish sealed and non-sealed floors in just one process. This chemical free mechanical cleaning approach physically removes the soil as it polishes the surface drastically cutting the cost of labor and chemicals while eliminating frequent burnishing. 

• Cleans and polishes floors in just one process 
• Provides a high gloss shine on VCT and other sealed floors without burnishing. 
• Provides high gloss shine on unsealed floors including polished concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, vinyl and epoxy floors 
• Chemicals are eliminated in this mechanical cleaning approach Our High Speed (600 RPM) ECS Machines are over three times faster than traditional scrubbers allowing you to get the high gloss shine you expect


Benefits of using the ECS High Speed Diamond Pads 

• 600 RPM provides a high gloss shine in half the time 
• Extends the life of the floor finish by 50% 
• Drastically reduces cost by increasing the life of the floor, reducing stripping and re-coating and reducing the amount of pad replacements 
• Eliminate frequent burnishing
• Eco-Friendly, mechanically cleans without chemicals 
• Provides consistently clean and high gloss floors





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