AV 12QX NaceCare 12 Gallon Self-Contained Extractor

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AV 12QX NaceCare 12 Gallon Quiet Walk Behind Self-Contained Extractor

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The Walk Behind Avenger Series Extractor runs at less than 60 dB(A),
making the AV 12QX excellent for any 24 hour facility, especially the hospitality
and healthcare industries.

This quiet machine is constructed with rugged, rotationally molded polyethylene
and features a 100 PSI diaphragm pump with bypass providing 1.1 gpm of flow.

Its powerful 1.7 Hp stage vacuum motor provides 115" waterlift and 95 CFM of airflow.
The upper and lower tanks detach into two separate units, making this Avenger lightweight
and easy to transport.

The variable flow rate, coupled with adjustable vacuum shoe and brush pressure, allows
it to be used for both interim maintenance and restorative cleaning.
The efficient forward motion of the AV 12QX enables upwards of 4,000 sq.ft./hour to be cleaned
 – twice the rate of pull back self-contained units.

Other key features include its easy access removable spray bar with twist-off jets
and push forward design. The spring loaded, pivoting vacuum shoe ensures consistent pressure
and consistent pick-up, even on turns, while notching improves airflow for reduced drying time.

The vacuum shoe has a quick release for fitting the optional hard floor squeegee.

Rugged two piece roto moulded polyethylene

Powerful 1.7 Hp stage vacuum motor provides 115" waterlift and 95 CFM of airflow

Features a 100 PSI diaphragm pump with bypass providing 1.1 gpm of flow

Running at less than 60 dBA the 12 QX is excellent for both the hospitality and healthcare industries or any 24 hour facility

The variable flow rate coupled with an adjustable vacuum shoe and brush pressure allow it to be used for both interim maintenance and restorative cleaning

Efficient forward motion allows upwards of 2000 sq.ft./ hour to be cleaned - twice the rate of pull back self-contained units
Other key features include, easy access removeable spray bar with twist off jets and push forward design
The spring loaded vacuum shoe ensures consistent pressure on the carpet at all times
Pivoting vacuum shoe ensures consistent pick up even on turns while notching improves airflow for reduced drying time
Quick release vacuum shoe and optional hard floor squeegee is available for hard floor cleaning
Lightweight and easy to transport with the upper and lower tanks detaching into two separate units
Accepts all optional accessories including the optional heater


The SMART KIT can be added to the AV 12QX, AV 18AX and TP18 DX or TP18 SX.
As pre-spraying is the key component in proper carpet cleaning, this kit is a breakthrough.

For the same reason we allow stripper dwell time prior to scrubbing and don't dispense
it through the scrubber, pre-spraying is critical in ensuring effective carpet cleaning.
It uses the extractor pump to dispense an onboard chemical through a 50' pre-spray hose.


• One man can do the job of two while easily
ensuring enough pre-spray is applied at all times.
With other systems, you require a second man
doing nothing but pre-spraying otherwise your machine
is sitting dormant half the time while you either fill the sprayer
or apply the spray.

• 12 or 18 gallon solution tanks ensure ample pre-spray and cleaning solution is available.

• Unlike manual or electric sprayer systems, you are not re-filling every 5 minutes.

• Ensures a consistent and correct dilution at all times with constant flow and no pumping.

• More powerful than any other system which means you can apply pre-treat a lot more quickly.

• Can spray for 30 minutes (AV12QX) or 45 minutes (AV18, TP18) before re-filling.  An electric sprayer would need to be refilled every 5-7 minutes.


Our new low moisture spray bar uses 3 jets instead of 5 and applies water to the carpet
at a rate of 0.2 gallons per minute versus the normal rate used in restoration cleaning of
1.0 gallon per minute.

Extensive testing has found that our system does an effective job of maintaining all carpet
areas including high traffic areas. In most cases, the carpet dries
without the use of a carpet fan, however, these drying times can be significantly reduced
when carpet fans are employed.

We can effectively clean in excess of 4,000 square feet per hour in both maintenance and
restorative modes with the
AV12QX and AV18X.

NOTE: In order to use the low moisture spray bar, the machine must have a pre-spray
Smart Kit

Airflow 95 cfm
Vacuum Motor 1250 W/ 1.7 Hp/ 3 stage
Waterlift 115 ins
Weight 121 lbs
Power Cord 50 ft
Brush Motor 100 W, 0.13 Hp
Brush Speed 1,000 rpm
Cleaning Width 20 ins
Pump Type diaphragm with bypass
Pump Power 100 W
Pump Pressure 100 psi
Pump Flow 0 – 1.1 gpm
Power Supply 120 V/ 60 Hz
Capacity – solution 12 gal
Capacity – recovery 12 gal

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